Friday, February 17, 2017

RE-UP: Alice Cooper live in Towson 1991 - 1DVD - September 10

Alice Cooper
September 10th, 1991
Baltimore County Court House
Towson MD

Source: Audience (Filmed with tripod from the middle of a water foutain)
Length: 45 Min
Lineage: Sharp VHS Video Cam Master (Mono)-->Phillips SA-->Nero 8-->You
Video Quality: A
Audio Quality: B+
Chapters: No
Menu: No
Full Show

Set List:

- Under My Wheels
- Eighteen
- Hey Stoopid
- Loves a Loaded Gun
- Schools Out
- No More Mr Nice Guy

Notes from the original taper, all the credits due to him:

I still don't know why Alice Cooper played a free show at a court house but that's what happened. He played a free lunch time show and they set the stage up right on the steps of the court house. You can see people going in and out of the front doors of the Baltimore County District Court House. Maybe Alice had to do some community service or something. I filmed this from the middle of a giant water fall in the middle of the courthouse courtyard (yes, it was turned off). There is a pro shot filmed by local news that was circulated but this is the full show and, as far as I know, never circulated (I did give a couple of copies to friends).

Download part 1 here
Download part 2 here
Download part 3 here

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