Wednesday, January 25, 2017

NEW: Alice Cooper live in Toronto 1972 - 1DVD - September 2

Alice Cooper Varsity Stadium Toronto Sep. 2 1972 12 min 12 sec NTSC

Aud 8mm with dubbed audio from the same concert.

VHS rip with standalone dvd burner from trade vhs (thanks to the original trader!),generation unknown.

This is an audience 8mm video shot with a hand-held camera and it's fairly choppy.  Most of the video is focused on Alice.  No songs are complete and the audio and video are very roughly synced at best.

This includes the "Street Fight" leading up to Alice's "execution", but not "Killer" where the hanging actually takes place. Also included with "School's Out" is the part where Alice tosses posters out to the audience, saying "You're sicker than I am".

Segments of the following songs are included:
- Intro
- Gutter Cat Vs. The Jets
- Street Fight
- Long Way To Go
- School's Out

Download this bootleg DVD here

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