Thursday, August 25, 2016

RE-UP: Alice Cooper & Ace Frehley live in Indianapolis 1987 - 1DVD - November 6

Alice Cooper

Market Square Arena, Indianapolis, 1987-11-06
Live In The Flesh (Raise Your Fists And Yell) Tour

Set List

Teenage Frankenstein
No More Mr Nice Guy
Billion Dollar Babies/It's My Body/I'm 18
Go To Hell/Prince Of Darkness
Chop Chop Chop/Gail/Roses On White Lace
Only Women Bleed
Devil's Food/Black Widow
Dead Babies
Schools Out
Under My Wheels

Shot from left hand side in tiered seating, My rating for visual and audio is B-. DVD was received in a mail trade.
Don't know who shot it but credit to them.

Linage unknown
Video format - MPEG2 (NTSC) 4:3 720x480
Time - 81 mins

Frehleys Comet set list unknown.

Time - 41 mins

Shot from right hand side in tiered seating. My rating for visual and audio is B-.