Wednesday, April 27, 2016

NEW: Alice Cooper live in Detroit 1971 - 1CD - soundboard

Alice Cooper
The Rooster Tail
Detroit, MI USA
"Puke On A Piece Of Apple Pie"
liberated vinyl bootleg
alleged FM broadcast

Setlist of complete bootleg record:

Track 01 - Caught In A Dream
Track 02 - Eighteen
Track 03 - Is It My Body-My Very Own-Is It My Body
Track 04 - Slick Black Limousine*
Track 05 - Sun Arise
Track 06 - Second Coming
Track 07 - Ballad Of Dwight Fry
Track 08 - Black Juju

*This is a legitimately released recording and as such
cannot be included in this post per Official regulations.

7 tracks, TT: 41:58
SQ:8-8.5(9)/10, B+ with flashes of A-, IMHO as always.

Download this bootleg here