Thursday, June 11, 2015

RE-UP: Alice Cooper live in San Francisco 1969 - 1CD - March 30 - soundboard

1969.03.30 San Francisco, Avalon BallRoom

Source : FM broadcast
Quality : VG/VG-

Comments : I love Vinnies opening line "Can I get this turned up a little, I'm no Janis Joplin."
Song 3 remind me of early Pink Floyd with Syd at the helm, Song 4 has a King Crimson feel to it.
This is a radio broadcast and there is a hum or phasing throughout the whole thing, maybe a bad feed or poor reception on the taper's side, although when Vincent speaks it comes through clear. Maybe they just had equipment problems. Side 2 song one (Science Fiction Thriller), the only song on this side sounds very clear until the singing starts (Hey this may be the first punk rock concert ha ha !).
KPFA AND KPFB from Berkly, broadcasting live.
All the songs except for track 8 are from the first Alice Cooper album "Pretties For You". Track 8 is a
single released by them when they were known as "The Spiders" in Phoenix, Arizona during their college days before morphing into Alice Cooper.

Tracklisting :

01. No Longer Umpire  02:33
02. Reflected  03:50
03. Ten Minutes Before The Worm  02:03
04. Swing Low Sweet Cheerio  06:24
05. B.B. On Mars  01:23
06. Fields of Regret  06:23
07. Nobody Likes Me  03:49
08. Don't Blow Your Mind  00:27
09. Science Fiction Story  09:51

Total Running Time : 36:49

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