Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Alice Cooper "Talks to Mark Lawson" 2011 - 1DVD

Alice Cooper
Mark Lawson talks to Alice Cooper
BBC Four Broadcast 21st November 2011
1 Hour
Quality A
Artwork Included
Chapters every 5 mins.
PAL Format.

*No Official music, several video clips of six seconds*

Alice talks about his career,how he was helped in the early days
by Jimi Hendrix and Frank Zappa. His love of Golf, the Chicken Incident
from 1969 and his stage persona.

Mark Lawson talks to Alice Cooper, dubbed the 'world's most beloved heavy metal entertainer', about his life and 45-year career. In this fascinating interview Alice shares his memories of his Detroit childhood, the perils of addiction and his desire for the Alice persona to remain a 'true American character' that will live on beyond his own lifetime.

Cooper made his name in a 1967 group called The Nazz before unleashing the surreal, shock rock world of Alice Cooper to legions of fans. Famed for his darkly comic theatrics, Cooper has gone on to record 30 albums and has been nominated for three Grammy awards. In recent years he has moved effortlessly from performing on stage to screen, including acting roles in Freddy's Dead and the Tim Burton film Dark Shadows.

Technical info
Video MPEG-2
Video Bitrate 9043 kbp/s
Audio AC3
Audio Bitrate 256 kbp/s
Screensize 4:3
Pal Format

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